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Navaeli, Crislie, and Meparik had hoped that their troubles might be over. The Irongardhe have lost their trail, Silamir is oath-bound to leave Navaeli alone for a few months, and Crislie and Navaeli are living in the bliss of a new relationship. It’s almost a happily-ever-after in a world as grim as Rhimn! All that’s left is to sever Navaeli’s connection to Silamir entirely, and then they’re free to decide how they want to live.

Or, that’s how it would be, if it wasn’t for the impending war.

Unrest ripples the country of Gadhi. As the three return to the city of Talimour for the resources necessary for their severing ritual, Meparik’s ties to the fey courts there draw him and his companions into both the petty drama of his past and the eye of Herald-Regent Ilaina’s ire.

And Ilaina isn’t the only one hunting down Heralds. As the feyrie courts prepare to resist the unjust rule of Irongardhe knights and their revered Regent, expectant eyes turn to Navaeli and Meparik. Their ties to gods of old, while heretical to the Irongardhe, is a valuable asset to the leaders of the resistance — and to any political imperatives those leaders might harbor. Is it better to raze the Irongardhe into a harmless ash, or to usurp their power for the good of everyone?

Joining an army run by the devout might not be a great idea while Navaeli is trying to escape her divine duty. But with the greater threat of the Irongardhe on the horizon, there isn’t another choice. The clock runs out on Navaeli’s deal with her goddess, allies come with the most unexpected ties, and complacency has its price . . .

Genres: Queer Fantasy, Political Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

Series: The second book of Heralds of Rhimn, preceded by Shadow Herald and followed by Ember Warrior, Breathing Gods, and Starlit Prince.

Bonus content — such as short stories, illustrations, and worldbuilding — can be found at Heralds of Rhimn's main page on our website. Enjoy!

Updated 7 days ago
Release date May 20, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorGaily Novelry
TagsDark Fantasy, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Gay, Lesbian, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Narrative, Queer, wlw
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