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In the world of Rhimn, a Herald is a god’s highest servant, expected to carry out their god’s will until the day of their death.

Navaeli of Nowhere knows this all too well. Bound in service of Silamir, a resurrected goddess of death and rebirth, her life has been one of constant cowering. Irongardhe knights hunt her down on the orders of Gardhe, the sun god who killed Silamir so long ago. Unfortunately, Silamir is eager to fight these battles herself, even if that means taking Navaeli’s body for her own.

For the longest time, Navaeli has been resigned to her fate as either a corpse or a vessel for her vengeful goddess.

Fate has other plans.

An ugly encounter with a knight’s patrol puts her at the mercy of Crislie Crimsworth — a handsome, headstrong girl who solves her problems with her fists, and is dying to escape the disapproval of her mother. When Navaeli’s goddess forces her to move on before she’s fully healed, Crislie seizes the chance to follow her out into the world. But what starts off as an exciting opportunity becomes a desperate flight as the budding attraction between her and Navaeli forces Crislie to confront the crimes of her country.

As if Crislie wasn’t enough trouble on her own, a chance meeting makes the two of them responsible for Meparik, a young feyrie thief with more trust in glamour than kindness.

Together, the three will contend with the machinations of Rhimn’s pantheon, the cruelties of the Irongardhe, and the ugliness within themselves. There might be people worth surviving for after all! But is it possible to free Navaeli from her divine yoke, or will she be the first casualty in the oncoming war between the gods?

Genres: Queer Fantasy, Political Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

Series: The first book of Heralds of Rhimn. Followed by Winter Herald, Ember Warrior, Breathing Gods, and Starlit Prince.

Teaser Chapters: Click here to read the free teasers for Book One!

Bonus material — such as short stories, illustrations, and worldbuilding — can be found at Heralds of Rhimn's main page on our website. Enjoy!

Updated 7 days ago
Release date May 20, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorGaily Novelry
TagsDark Fantasy, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Gay, Lesbian, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Narrative, Queer, wlw
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Happy birthday!!! Hope you're having a pleasant day

Thank you!

Happy Birthday to you!


Thank you very much!


I came across this more or less at random when looking at LGBT tags, and I'm honestly pretty impressed. It's a very solid fantasy novel with some neat worldbuilding going into even incidental aspects of the setting. It comes together so well to present a story of love and found family in a world that'd otherwise be so bleak for Navaeli.

I'm mostly here for gay girls but Meparik bears special mention as a character I really liked. The book had me constantly rooting for the little guy, especially after the reveal of where he got his name from.

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I deleted my original reply because I was afraid that my gushing thanks was unprofessional, but several books later, I want to replace it. So, thanks. This one kind comment kept me writing for quite a while.